January 15, 2011

Morning at oxford street

I woke up very early the next day and i decided to start from oxford street . And i was very happy when i saw starbucks cafe , so i went there and i ordered my favouirt toffee nut latte ( latte which is only sold at christmas time ) & offcourse my blueberry mozerala sandwich which is still not availabe in kuwait :(

Toffee nut latte & blueberry mozeralla sandwich

And after i was done from my breakfast i went to Selfriages . I started with the cosmetic and i found what i was looking for ;) Tom Ford Lipstick , and i bought the colors on the display picture i oped them for you :p

Tom Ford Lipstic

Then i went downstairs where the home selection and the books are :) . I bough that electronic fork for my son he doesn't like spaghetti because he hates it when it falls apart , it was really worth it and even its price was reasonable. I bought it for 7 pounds almost 3 kd.

Electronic Fork

Finally i decided to leave Selfriages in order to save time and see other places before my husband finish his work. Since its near by my hotel i can come and check it any time later on . Ive passed by the home section and sow that beautiful set..

Set at Selfriages

The books section was just after the home section , i ve took some photos of best selling books.

Best selling books at Selfriages   

Selfriages from outside at christmas ,night time

January 13, 2011

London is different during Christmas

I took those picture of oxford street where my hotel was and that was on my last trip to London .I love London in Christmas everything looks different and amazing . Here is the pictures i took 

Oxford street

Cyclist riding at night of oxford street