May 28, 2011

Movenpick Hotel in Makah

I went to Saudi Arabian specially for Makah,we picked Movenpick Hotel its new and very close by Kaaba. Mashalla the weather was very nice and it wasn't crowded . Check the pictures of the hotel.

Failika Island

For sure every kuwaities know or even seen failika island but for those who never heard of it. Small old island use to have people living down their but after the invasion they moved to the city and kept that place for visit or even for staying the night  during the weekends .It cost 15 kd only to take you their by bought and that includes a free meal .A hotel is available for those who wish to spend the night.






Natural History Museum in London

Its always worth visiting some museums near by your place,and discover their history .It was really amazing although this wasn't my first vacation in London but it was in the Natural History Museum ,their working hours (8.00-17.50 Mon-Fri; 9.00-17.50 Sat-Sun). Here are some of the pictures i took .