August 20, 2011

Trip to six senses Oman (Part 4)

The next day of our stay in the six senses resort we decided to go on Dhow Boat .  That boat has to booking one is booking the boat with the public and the other is private booking, they are very similar nothing much difference accept that you have you're own privacy.  You have to book on advance the activity you want to do during you're trip such as kayaking , snorkeling and fishing .  After we were done from the activities a cold meal was ready for us consisting of cold sea food as well as brownies. It was really fun !

Chanel Fall Winter 2011/2012

Hoss Intropia

Hoss Intropia Spanish label was founded in 1994 by ex-designer to the National Ballet of Spain .  Their produce and design all done by  their own prints, Inspired by Spanish painter .  Net-A-Porter will be launching this brand soon! 

August 10, 2011

Trip to six senses Oman (Part 3)

After we settled down in our villa we decided to go the restaurant the one up the mountains its called  Sense of the edge. It has a menu order consisting of either a soup and salads or main dish and deserts or the full meal, the one we picked was the main dish as well as the deserts it taste so good , my husband and i ordered the wagyu beef and the desert was halwa omani & chocolate pudding . Have a look at the pictures i took the view looks amazing and the weather was nice , we really had nice time !

August 7, 2011

Trip to six senses Oman (Part 2)

Here is our villa, we'll start from the private pool then from inside there is a small living room and a cabinet where you can serve yourself coffee & tea. The closet has towels and a pool bag, then the bed & the bathroom . They have two bathrooms indoors and outdoors its amazing!!!!

Here is more pictures of the villas 

Trip to six senses Oman ( part 1 )

Ready to go and see our villa?! A go-cart was waiting outside the reception to take us to our villa, look at the following pictures below to see what was on our way. Bicycles for moving around the resort as well as pots of water, I thought we wouldn't be using the bicycles but honestly it was too humid and was very handy to get around instead of walking.  Additionally, the pot of water is to clean your feet before you go to your villa in case of mud or sand etc..