October 31, 2011

Ulus Cafe Istanbul

One of the best cafe in Istanbul is Ulus cafe , it has an amazing view .  When ever you had the chance to visit turkey just ask the taxi or the hotel you are staying in they will give you the address  of the cafe because its usually busy during the weekend and the holidays so it would be better to book in advance. Ulus cafe has a menu consisting of salads and sandwiches as well as deserts .  Since we were not hungry at that time we just had our deserts which was rice pudding and tiramisu cake as well as i cream crep, since we are in turkey we always order their Turkish coffe :)  

October 27, 2011

Unique Delicious Desert In Turkey

As its known turkey has a lot of delicious dishes but that dish or basically desert was really unique to me if i new from the begging what was its ingredients i diffidently would not try it ! but am so glad that i did because i cant describe haw good its taste was , yumy . All i did me and the family selected this above restaurant  its name on the plate if you can see and you can find it in takseem street or istinya park mall.As soon as we arrived we ordered from the menu drinks as well as a rice pudding and the waiters told us that everyone visit turkey should try this desert ! and then we said why not , without asking him what it was made from . So funny after we ate it we though lets ask him so we can order it next time we come here , then we were shocked when he said its  mixed with chicken ! what a combination , but it was worth trying it , since that time when ever we visit turkey we always order it ...

Bronze Tortoise Shell Eye Palette by Bobbi Brown

Am in love with my new Bobbi Brown eye shadow limited edition . The eye shadow cosist of  eight diffrent colors which can be worn in winter or summer . Check their website to see their latest product or visit their store in Kuwait 360 or avenues mall.

Beautiful song by joan baez

October 24, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent Nail Polish

I have recently bought those two glamour nail polish from Yves saint Laurent winter collection , i have simply fool in love with those two colors .  I may also wear them in the summer ! if you are looking for the latest nail polish to try at you may find more colors from Dior as well as channel .

October 22, 2011

Alexander Wang

Pinkberry Istanbaul

I didn't know that Pinkberry the frozen yogurt has recently opened in Istanbul , its located outside Kenyon mall .

October 19, 2011

Nespresso limited edition Dhjana capsule

Its been a while since Nespresso released their limited edition capsule dhjana which contain a mixer of several coffee varieties from different blend such as Brazil, Colombia,Costa rica,India .  I have personally tried them they  taste good but it was a bit stronger compering to the others. If you haven't tried them yet then hurry up since its a limited edition ! their location is in 360 mall .

Harvey Nichols Istanbul

Ortakoy Istanbul

Ortakoy is a name of small village located in the middle of the European side of the Bosphours.  It s famous with their great baked potatoes as well as their selling of their traditional accessories , a beautiful sea side view next to that are surrounding with many historical mosques . Have a look at some of the photos ive taken its really worth going their when ever you had the chance to visit Istanbul !

October 18, 2011

Tatami Japanese Restaurant

Me and my cousin decided to try the new Japanese restaurant tatami which serve a wide range of dishes from traditional Japanese such as sushi , all kind of sea food as well as beef wagyu . From my point of view the food was excellent and we almost ordered the whole menu . Have a look at the following food pictures  that we had ordered, if you like tatami click on like box on their Facebook page . 

sweet chili shrimp

wagyu beef

dip with shrimp filing

crispy almond & dragon roll

fried seaweed 

fried banana

chocolate cake 

Top 10 party dresses


Am in love with Anna Dello Russo fashion and her blog is amazing !

Sunset Restaurant Istanbul

Am in love with turkey when ever i want to travel that country is always in mind .
 Many people have told me to try this restaurant but i didn't ! luckily we had the chance to have lunch their.  the menu cosisit of both Turkish and international food and our appetizer was international while the main dish of course was kebab which is usually called iskandar kebab but the name of the following dish was not iskandar kebab i forgot what it was called but it was exactly the same as iskandar kebab . I really advice you visiting sunset it has a beautiful view as well as their food taste so good but you have to book in advance here is their contact number 0212-621-2881 .

October 17, 2011

New Danish Bakery

I love danish bakery and i always buy their sweets and pastries but i haven't seen yet their new shop in yarmouk! its still located in the same area its just a newer shop in block 2 . I decided the other day to get my family a delicious conafa i cream , and it taste so good ! even the decoration of the shop was very nice . Check their Facebook group for any new posts regarding their latest products ,you may also find their contact number if you wish to order in advance order .